Quality that speaks for itself

We are a one stop solution for all your diamond jewellery needs. Our exclusive designs are manufactured in Mumbai with delicate attention by the best artisans in the industry.

We are driven by passion for excellent art pieces and our designs speak for themselves. The diamonds we pick for our collection processed to the best extents so that they retain their luster for a lifelong duration. One year in the industry and progressing rapidly, we are the next generation firm.

Our main focus has been to eliminate the myth that excellent jewellery is always over-priced.

We aim to bring the much needed revolution by manufacturing incomparable designs with impeccable diamond pieces that too at an affordable price.

We spend our days searching for inspiration to innovate classic and extraordinary designs that the world has never seen before. Our passion drives us not only throughout India but overseas. We believe that Diamond is not only a woman’s best friend, but a man’s best friend too. Sourcing diamonds from Mumbai and Surat (world’s biggest diamond manufacturing city) with the biggest pool of good quality diamonds gives us an opportunity to pick out the best pieces available all over the country. The Diamond quality we provide is not unmatched throughout North India

How To Choose The Perfect Diamond

The most memorable and happiest moments in our lives deserve a precious souvenier. When it comes to events of high personal value, no gift can stand a chance against jewellery. In the form of a diamond ring or a pair of solitaire earrings, you gift will always be remembered with a warm smile.

Buying Diamond jewellery sounds exciting however it needs a lot of knowledge and understanding in order to choose the perfect Diamond. The golden rule of Diamond Selection is to know all that needs to be known about the four C's mentioned below.


The Cut is a measure of proportions of the diamond. A well-cut diamond appears brilliant and fiery, while a badly cut diamond looks dull and lifeless, despite having a good colour and clarity grade.


The colour of a diamond is evaluated in terms of its degree of colourlessness.The ideal diamond is completely colourless, and the most expensive. However, most diamonds which appear colourless actually have slight tones of yellow or brown.


Clarity is a measure of the cleanliness or purity of a diamond. A diamond's clarity rating is determined by the number, size, type and location of inclusions under 10 x magnifications.


Carat Weight is simply the weight of the diamond. The Carat weight of a diamond determines the size, and appearance of your ring or jewellery.

  • Our Jewellery pieces are certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute) - Internationally reputed lab in the Diamond world with designs that match all classes of Age, price-pocket, fashion and choice. Our Jewellery collection includes Diamond Jewellery, Diamond & Polki Fusion Jewellery, Colored Stones, Solitaires and more.
  • With direct Diamond procurement through Diamond manufacturing units, lack of middlemen involvement and showroom cost - Our Collected has the Best Price Guaranteed. Moreover, we offer our customers 100% refund for our products after a break period of 42 months when provided with the original bill. We don’t charge any fee etc for the refund